Our research plan focuses on:
  • the establishment of a HIV bioinformatics unit to support the analysis of molecular data generated by the Africa Centre laboratory (University of KwaZulu-Natal), Dr. Chris Seebregts EU drug resistance research program (based at the UFS and the South African Medical Research Council) and Prof. Cassol's laboratory at University of Pretoria,
  • the analysis of HIV ART drug resistance development and transmission in Southern Africa,
  • the production of bioinformatics software applications and sequence databases for HIV and other RNA viruses,
  • the application of phylogenetics and data mining methodologies to the study of HIV intra- and inter-host evolution,
  • the organization and presentation of evolutionary, drug resistance and bioinformatics training workshops.

Most of our publications are freely accessible and PDF files of the full-lenght manuscripts are available for download. Publications are divided in the following topics:bioinformatics software application, virus and pathogen evolution and molecular evolution of others organisms.

Below find web-based resources associated to some of our research

HIV-1 subtype C molecular epidemiology resources.  Sequence datasets, phylogenetic trees and the molecular history of HIV-1 subtype C in Africa.
HIV proteome, life cycle, proteins information HIV-1 proteomics resources. Contains information about each HIV-1 gene product in regard to expression, functional activities, and interactions with viral and host macromolecules.

HIV ARV drug resistance resources. The bioafrica server is providing a local copy of the RegaDB and bioinformatics tools for the analysis of HIV drug resistance mutations.

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