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Internet Freedom Activist Commit Suicide due to Criminal Charges for Distributing Academic Publications. We Increase the Open Distribution of our Publications!

Author: Tulio de Oliveira - 2013-01-15

This is a very sad blog, which cover the recent suicide of Aaron Swartz. Aaron was a very bright 24-year-old Internet freedom activist that has developed some of the most popular collaborative websites (i.e. RSS and REDDITT).

His developments had the intention of increasing collaboration of the scientific community in order to create open access knowledge. Unfortunately, he committed suicide on 11 of January of 2013. At the time of his death, Aron Swartz was facing hacking chargers due to downloading, with intent to distribute, academic manuscripts from a subscription fee archive from the Michigan Institute of Technology (MIT), where he studied.

BioAfrica and SATuRN deeply condemn the court case and criminal charges against Mr. Aaron Swartz. Furthermore, BioAfrica and SATuRN support the production of public data and publication of open access manuscripts. In our case, open access and free knowledge can save lives in developing nations.

In order to stand by Mr. Aaron Swartz cause, we have spent the last couple of days re-coding our web-publication section of the website. This was done with the intent to increase the distribution of our manuscripts and public datasets. We are also producing PowerPoint slides presentations from all of our publications and linking all of the media coverage in order to better communicate with the scientific and non-scientific community.

More than ever, we need to come together and implement the OPEN ACCESS initiative! Long live Aaron Swartz ideology and efforts! We will keep flying your flag and working for a world where knowledge is open!

Our publication section contains more public data, open access manuscripts, news coverage and presentations! All open accessible at

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