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Practical Course on Quality Assurance of HIV-1 Drug Resistance Interpretation in Sequence Editing and Data Management Processes

ACILT - 2013-01-16

The African Centre for Integrated Laboratory Training (ACILT) present the HIV-1 drug resistance practical course, 22-26 April, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Learn how to:

- Determine the quality of sequencing data and understand the potential causes for poor data quality

- Understand the importance of sequencing and editing quality in the interpretation of HIV drug resistance mutations

- Properly use software for drug resistance analysis

- Maintain continuous data quality through proper training and following SOPs

- Obtain quality assured HIV drug resistance data

- Implement quality control measures to ensure quality sequencing data

For more information:

Download application form and the flyer of HIV Drug Resistance the workshop.

Background information: The African Centre for Integrated Laboratory Training (ACILT) was established in 2008 on the Johannesburg campus of the South African National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) and the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS). The aim of this new centre is to build a new generation of laboratory experts, particularly in the fields of HIV, TB and malaria throughout Africa.


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