RNase H

HIV RNase H removes the original RNA template from the first DNA strand allowing synthesis of the complementary strand of DNA.

PDB-1o1w: HIV-1 (isolate UNKNOWN) RNase H - produced using SwissModel/SPDBV/POVray

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ViralZone: HIV-1, HIV replication cycle, HIV resource
PDB: 1o1w (HIV-1 RNase H)
UniProt: P04585 (HIV-1 HXB2 POL)
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HIV-1/Human Protein Interaction DB: HIV-1 Pol
Los Alamos HIV structure DB: not available
EMBL: K03455 [EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ]


  • p15 (120 amino acids)

Cleavage sites:


  • Removes RNA template strand from RNA/DNA duplex.


  • Virion

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HIV-1 (HXB2):

          10         20         30         40         50         60         70         80         90        100
| | | | | | | | | |
110 120
| |
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Length: 120 amino acids (residues 595 - 715)
Molecular Weight: 13167 Da
Theoretical pI: 6.8
Position relative to Pol protein: 596 - 715

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InterPro signature for RNase H - IPR002156

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Protein kinase C:
Casein kinase II:
Tyrosine kinase:
cAMP / cGMP kinase:
Cell attachment motif:
Asp Protease motif:
Asp Prot Retro motif:
Cysteine-rich Region:
Tryptophan-rich Region:
Zinc-finger CCHC motif:
Leucine Zipper motif:

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ViralZone: HIV-1, HIV replication cycle, HIV resource
PDB/MMDB: Search for HIV-1 & Ribonuclease H

UniProt: P04585 (HIV-1 HXB2 POL)
EMBL: K03455; AAB50259.1 [EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ]

InterPro: IPR002156
Pfam: PF00075
Prints: none
SCOP: SSF53098 RNase H-like protein
BLOCKS: P04585
Prosite: P04585
ProtoNet: P04585
Database of Interacting Proteins: P04585
ModBase: P04585
HIV-1/Human Protein Interaction DB: HIV-1 Pol
HIV-1 Sequence Database Los Alamos HIV Sequence Database

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