REV - ART/TRS Anti-repression transactivator protein

HIV REV upregulates expression of Gag, Pol and Env, while downregulating itself and Tat.

PDB-1ETF: HIV-1 (isolate UNKNOWN) Rev Response Element RNA (Chain A) and HIV-1 Rev peptide (Chain B) - produced using SwissModel/SPDBV/POVray

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UniProt: P04618 (HIV-1 HXB2 REV)
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EMBL: K03455 [EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ]


  • p19 (116 amino acids)


  • Binds to the Rev Response Element (RRE) to facilitate the export of unspliced or incompletely spliced viral RNAs out of the nucleus and to the cytoplasm .
  • Upregulates the expression of HIV structural genes (gag, pol, env).
  • Downregulates the expression of HIV regulatory genes (rev, tat).
  • Sequence-specific RNA-binding protein .
  • Transports genomic transcripts from the nucleus to cytoplasm.
  • Induces the transition from early to late phase of HIV gene expression .


  • Cell nucleolus/nucleus
  • Cell cytoplasm [shuttling between nucleolus and cytoplasm]

Additional Information:

  • Early timing of expression.
  • Rev is produced from fully-spliced mRNA.
  • Rev binds to a 240-base region of RNA secondary structure, the RRE .
  • The RRE is located within the second intron of HIV .
  • The RRE is a "bubble" within a double-stranded RNA helix containing non-Watson/Crick G-G base-pairing .
  • Rev high affinity binding site is located on Stem Loop 2 of RRE .
  • Normally, RNA that contains introns (unspliced or incompletely spliced RNA) is retained in the nucleus.
  • Rev-mediated export of viral RNA is through a pathway used by small nuclear RNA (snRNA) and ribosomal 5s RNA rather than the pathway normally used by cellular mRNA.
  • Rev export is mediated through interactions with the NES receptor CRM1.
  • The ability of Rev to decrease the rate of viral RNA splicing generates a negative feedback loop, regulating its own expression .
  • Rev may exist as a homo-tetramer in solution .
  • Rev is required for HIV-1 replication; infected cells that lack Rev activity contain transcriptionally active viral genomes, but do not express viral late phase genes that are necessary for viral particle formation.

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HIV-1 (HXB2):

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Length: 116 amino acids
Molecular Weight: 13075 Da
Theoretical pI: 9.29
Gene Description: Rev is encoded by two exons.

Protein Domains/Folds/Motifs: [TOP]

InterPro signature for Anti-repression trans-activator protein, REV protein - IPR000625

  • Rev contains at least THREE functional domains .
  • An arginine-rich RNA binding-domain mediates interactions with RRE.
  • A multimerization domain is required for Rev to function .
  • Rev has an effector domain, which is a specific Nuclear Export Signal (NES) .

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Asp Prot Retro motif:
Arginine-rich Region:
Cysteine-rich Region:
Tryptophan-rich Region:
Zinc-finger CCHC motif:
Leucine Zipper motif:

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ViralZone: HIV-1, HIV replication cycle, HIV resource
PDB/MMDB: Search for HIV-1 & REV

UniProt: P04618 (HIV-1 HXB2 REV)
EMBL: K03455; AAB50257.1 [EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ]

InterPro: IPR000625
Pfam: PF00424
Prints: none
SCOP: SSF48726 Immunoglobin
BLOCKS: P04618
Prosite: P04618
ProtoNet: P04618
Database of Interacting Proteins: P04618
ModBase: P04618
HIV-1/Human Protein Interaction DB: HIV-1 Rev
HIV-1 Sequence Database Los Alamos HIV Sequence Database


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