HIV-1 Subtype C in Africa Molecular Epidemiology Resources

This website resource has been compiled to organize and distribute information on the HIV/AIDS subtype C epidemic in Africa. The information was collected from different sources including HIV prevalence studies, reports on the HIV/AIDS epidemic and genetic analyses of HIV-1 subtype C molecular sequences. The source of the information is referred to on the page.


The phylogenetic trees show the intra-subtype relationship of 116 sequences using full genome sequences for analysis.

The sequence Datasets used in the Phylogenetic Analysis of subtype C sequences are also distributed

Molecular Epidemiology and History of HIV-1 Subtype C infections - this page shows the estimated number of subtype C infections (extrapolated from sequence frequency data) compared to non-subtype C infections in Africa.

Timeline of subtype C distribution vs. HIV prevalence rates - these figures show an interesting correlation between the increase in distribution of subtype C and the increase in HIV prevalence in Southern African countries over a selected time period.

Tables of HIV prevalence and infections - these tables show HIV prevalence in different African countries ranked either by HIV prevalence or by the number of infected people. The tables also list the major subtypes circulating in the different countries.

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